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Birthday Giveaway - help us celebrate one year of Circle Soaps!!

What a cliché but how time flies when you are having fun ;) One whole year of Circle Soaps already! In this newsletter we will look back at some of the highlights of our first year, what we look forward to for the coming year, and how we are celebrating with an amazing giveaway competition.

Looking back...

  • March - our website went live on the 1st of March in our first month, we already had soaps stocked in 3 locations (Pretty & Pure, Hello Vegan and Body Love Fitness).

  • April - launched the dish soap

  • May - first events (Frau Gerolds Garten, Umweltfestival Kloten)

  • June - launched hair soaps

  • July - reached 500 Instagram followers

  • made 100th batch of soap. This doesn't sound like a lot but most batches now make 90 bars which equals 9000 bars of soap!

  • August - first stockist outside of canton Zürich (Marktecke, Olten)

  • September - switched bank accounts to the Alternative Bank Schweiz

  • October - found new suppliers enabling us to buy better quality ingredients directly from small businesses in Zürich (J'Cocos, SHEA YEAH)

  • November - first stockist in French speaking part of Switzerland (Ecoloo)

  • December - a month of xmas markets

  • January - nominated for an award by Prix Suisse de l'Ethique

  • February - found new premises to enable us to continue growing

Looking forward...

We have definitely outgrown our small cellar for storage and looking forward to moving in April to a bigger place. Having more space will enable us to produce and store a lot more soaps and other products. A priority for this year is to always have enough stock so you are never having to wait for your favourite soap to become available.

New soaps and new products are in the pipeline and as soon as we move we will be able to start production! Is there anything new you would like to see? We love to hear your feedback on favourite scents for soaps or ideas for products. Please let us know if you have any requests..


To celebrate our first year and to thank you for your support, we will be doing a giveaway. Check out our Facebook / Instagram page for the details and how you could win the following prizes:

Thanks so much for reading and following our journey!

Please leave any feedback, comments below and don't forget to enter our giveaway and share it with your friends :)


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