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June offers and new stockists

Happy Pfingsten!

Here is an update on the offers we currently have available and where you can now find our soaps.


Skinny Samples

These are the end pieces that are cut from the big soap loaves. The skinny samples include an assortment of 5 pieces.

Due to an increase in production, we currently have quite a lot of these! If you would like one FREE set with your order, just add one to your cart and use the coupon code "samples" at checkout.


Buy one, get one free!

Some of these soaps are a bit small (85-90g) so if you buy one, you will automatically receive two. No code needed.

Treeline is scented with pine and cedarwood essential oils and coloured with spirulina.

New Stockist

Our newest stockist is Lokal, a grocery store in Basel city.

As the name suggests, they concentrate on supporting local, small business which is a great initiative.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in the Basel area.

Where else to find our soaps?

In addition to our online shop, you can also find our soaps at 17 physical locations and 8 online stores!

You can find them all on our website under "info, stockists".

Home Collection

It is also possible again to collect your order directly from us. Just select the "home collection" delivery option at checkout and send me a message to let me know when you would like to collect your order (evenings and weekends are fine too).

Contactless collection is also possible, I can leave your order in our postbox ready for you to pick up.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday Monday,


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