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Plastic Free July

2020 is the 10th year of #plasticfreejuly! The movement initially started in 2011 by a small team in Australia wanting to inspire and help people reduce their plastic waste. Last year, an estimated 250 billion people, from 177 countries, took part in the challenge.

Eliminating plastic from our lives entirely is almost impossible but reducing it significantly with small steps can be easy!

If you would like to try and minimise your plastic waste, have a look here to get inspired

Bathroom products often produce a huge amount of plastic waste but there are now many plastic free alternatives! Here are some of the #sustainableswaps we have available:

TIP - a sustainable product is not sustainable if it is something you do not need! If you have already have plastic items, use them first before finding a more sustainable alternative.

If you need some help finding a replacement, please let me know and I will do my best to help!

To celebrate #plasticfreejuly we are offering a free soap for EVERY single order for the whole of July! Just enter the code "PFJ20" into the notes field at checkout to get your free soap.

Good luck and don't forget to tag us in your plastic free posts and stories so we can share them :)

Happy July,


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