deo cream

Our deodorant creams are made with just four main ingredients:

Shea Butter forms the moisturising base of our deo creams. We use organic and unrefined butter from SHEA YEAH in Zürich.

Coconut Oil has anti-bacterial properties making it a perfect ingredient for a natural deodorant. We source ours from J'Cocos in Zürich which is delivered in returnable metal containers so Zero Waste.

Arrowroot Powder absorbs extra moisture and oils keeping your clothes free from any marks. It also has a silky texture and allows the cream to spread easily.

Baking Soda neutralises odour causing bacteria. Many baking soda is chemically produced, we choose to choose one that has been made from natural soda ash. It also has smaller particles than many baking sodas and feels smooth on your skin.

​  These natural deodorant creams are easy to use and actually work! 

They come in a shoe polish style metal tin which can be repurposed or recycled after use. If you are local, these can also be returned for us to clean and reuse.