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hair soaps

Our hair soaps (not shampoo bars) are made with four main oils chosen specifically for your hair:

Coconut oil - lots of bubbles

Jojoba oil - to strengthen

Almond oil - for shine and softness

Sunflower oil - to moisturise

We do not use detergents, surfactants, parabens, sulfates etc. just hair loving oils.

how to use a hair soap and tips

Switching to a hair soap

Changing to a hair soap can take some getting used to for you and your hair. Depending on what kind of shampoo you have been using, your hair may go through a transition phase while it adjusts. This is because many conventional products strip your hair of its natural oils so you may notice some extra oil while your hair and scalp adjust. At first, it's a good idea to keep some of your old shampoo and alternate between the two then gradually fade it out.

How to use a hair soap

1. Simply rub into your hair and wash as usual then rinse thoroughly.

2. You shouldn't need to use a conditioner as our hair soaps are moisturising enough however, it's important to use an acid (e.g vinegar) rinse after washing your hair. This will soften your hair by balancing the ph and remove any excess oils left behind. Don't worry, you won't smell of vinegar once your hair is dry!

Acid Rinse

Dilute 50ml of vinegar (apple cider/white) in approx 500ml water (this should last several washes) and pour over your hair after washing. Leave for a minute or so to work its magic then rinse out.

Tip - depending on your hair and hardness of your water, you may need to use more or less vinegar. 


"I am yet to try all the products but I wanted to share with you that I am very happy with the hair soap sample (rhassoul).

I have been using hair conditioners for the longest time! I have wavy/dry/voluminous hair and I have always found it difficult to groom it without a conditioner. It has been only 3 washes so far but I'm pleasantly surprised since the first wash that I can do without a conditioner! It saves me  time and I'm just happy how simple it makes my hair routine. 

Thank you for making these products!" 


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