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Christmas Gift Guide

Updated: May 2, 2023

What happened to 2020?! It's already December and only a few weeks until the big day so here are some ideas to help you find some Christmas gifts...

The Winter Collection

Limited edition gift box with three, round soaps, created for winter, perfect for Christmas.

Since writing this newsletter many more have been sold so there is actually only one left!

CHF 20

A gift box containing seven different soaps. If you are not sure what scent they will like, there is something here for everyone.

CHF 35

Six different mini soaps in fun shapes that will make kids love washing their hands ;)

CHF 20

Stocking fillers

In need of some mini gifts to help fill those stockings? We've got you covered...

CHF 5-6

Shaving Collection

Perfect gift for those looking to switch to a more sustainable shaving option.

Includes a safety razor made from British steel, Shaving Soap and Soap Rest.

CHF 50

shaving soap with safety razor and soap rest

Gift Box including nail brush, soap rest and a 50g round soap of your choice.

CHF 15

round soap nail brush and soap rest

Of course, you can also create your own gift boxes. Just choose your products and add the gift packaging option to ensure your gift comes in a box and tied with ribbon and a gift tag. If you would like your gift to be sent directly to your friend / family, just leave me a note at checkout.

I hope that has given you some ideas!

Happy advents time and have fun in the snow!


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