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about us

Circle Soaps produce handmade, cold process soaps with organic and plant-based ingredients.

We are an ethical company and strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and keep our waste to an absolute minimum.

Welcome to our online shop based in Zürich Oberland, Switzerland.

Emma | Circle Soaps

our story

After searching high and low for soaps that are organic, plant-based, natural, made locally and reasonably priced, without much success, we decided to make our own. For years, Emma had made our own toothpaste, lip-balms, deodorants and other beauty products but soap came a bit later. After completing a soap making course in England we were able to start expanding our bathroom creations. With much experimenting, trials and failures, we are now happy to share our favourites with you.


It is very important to us to not only provide excellent soaps but to ensure they are good for our health and the environment without exploiting animals. This is why we do not use any animal ingredients, they are absolutely unnecessary to make good soap. We also spend a lot of time and energy finding suppliers that have similar ethics to us and use sustainable ways to package their products. It is important for us to give our customers not only a zero waste product but ensure them that they are buying from a company that does their best to keep any waste to an absolute minimum and keep their impact on our planet as low as possible, throughout the whole supply chain and production process. Even the equipment we use is as sustainable as possible. For example, our soap moulds are made from FSC wood and lined with biodegradable paper. Even the gloves we use for soap making are made from natural rubber which is fully compostable.

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