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Looking for the best hand soap to use in the kitchen?

Updated: May 8

So many times I get asked - "Do you have a hand soap that gets rid of food smells like garlic after cooking"? While all of our soaps will clean and nourish your skin, my top choice for hand washing in the kitchen would be "The Barista" soap.

Coffee is well known as an odour eliminator and natural freshener so it is perfect for washing your hands after chopping garlic and onions. The coffee grounds also act as an exfoliant to give a good scrub, your hands will smell fresh AND feel polished afterwards!

Available in two sizes, regular 100g bar or the smaller 50g in round shape which is the perfect size for hand washing.

The coffee used in The Barista soap comes from a local roasters, Genuss-Schmiede . They allow us to take our own container and therefore the beans come completely packaging free. You can also find this soap in their coffee shop in Rapperswil-Jona.

The delicious beans are then ground and used to make coffee (of course the drink is enjoyed too!). The used grounds are then air-dried for several days before being ready to use in the soap.

Scented with cedarwood, cinnamon leaf and clove essential oils, this soap smells great too :)

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