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how to prevent your solid soap from going soggy

The main reason people tell me that they use liquid soap instead of a soap bar is because they don't like it when they go soggy. No one likes a soggy soap and luckily, it is very easy to stop this from happening. The simple answer is to allow your soap to dry out in between uses and there are several ways to do this:

1. with a soap rest / dish

Tip - Look for something that has drainage holes of a way for the water to escape so the soap is not sat in water.

We have them available in a variety of materials such as coconut fibres, olive wood, loofah and ceramic.

2. hanging soap bag

These are great if you don't have so much room in the shower to place a soap dish as they can be hung easily onto a shower pole.

Our are made from fairly produced organic cotton by The Sage and come with a practical wooden bead to secure the bag closed.

organic cotton soap bag from The Sage for the shower

3. A combination of both with a wall mounted soap holder!

These are a great alternative that take minimal space in the bathroom and can be fixed to a shower, bathroom or kitchen wall.

Made from upcycled wooden offcuts and beer bottle lids from a small company in Lucerne.

wall mounted wooden soap holders

4. For travelling - soap tin / bag

For a soap tin, make sure you go for something with a drainage tray, otherwise your soap will stay sat in water and will go soggy very fast. Once you arrive at your destination, remember to remove the lid to help the soap dry out.

With a bag / pouch, choose something made from breathable fabric with a lining that will absorb any moisture.

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