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Happy Birthday Switzerland!!

Updated: May 2

Here's my best attempt at creating the Swiss flag with soaps! :)

swiss flag with soaps

To celebrate, we are giving away a free stain remover (the white soap in the 'flag) on all orders this weekend with the code "SWITZERLAND".

Household cleaning products are not regulated in the same way that cosmetics are. Even when they are labelled as 'eco' or even 'organic' it doesn't mean they contain 100% natural ingredients. The best way for you to check is to read the label and see what you are using. Our household soaps are made with saponified coconut oil and essential oils. That's it. Coconut oil does a great job at cleaning stains, dirty pans etc. Chemicals are really not needed!

The organic coconut oil we use comes from J'Cocos in Zürich. We buy from them because:

  • The quality is simply the best.

  • It comes to us in big metal containers which are then collected and reused so we create zero waste

  • They personally know the farmers in Thailand

  • Monkeys are not used to harvest the coconuts

  • We are supporting another small business

coconut tree

pic from J'Cocos

Happy celebrations!


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