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New Soap and New Stockists

Meet "Sugar & Spice" our latest new face & body soap!

The sweet scent comes from lemongrass essential with a subtle undertone of clove.

This is our first soap to contain beige (bentonite) clay which has wonderful toxin absorbing properties.

The added lines of clove powder give a very slight exfoliation.

Available in small quantities now..


We are also very happy to share with you, some new places for you to find our soaps:

Umwelthelden - an online shop selling sustainable lifestyle products. Orders are sent using plastic-free and recycled packaging :)

Grammweise - an unverpackt shop based in Frick. They opened their doors at the end of 2020 and offer all of the usual products you would need to live with less waste.

Essenza - a new concept store in Disentis will open on the 3rd September!

You can find these and other locations on our stocklist page under Info.

Thanks for reading,


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